About Us


The senior facilitator and project co-ordinator, Mariëtte Emmerentia Fourie, was inspired by her daughter Lorinda’s passion and love for people, but mostly her trust in Jesus Christ through very difficult times.  Lorinda passed away on 18 March 2018.  It was a life changing journey with Lorinda over several years that influenced her life and impacted her meaning and purpose in life.

She studied BA Psychological Counselling (UNISA) (Cum Laude), BA Psychology (HONOURS) (UNISA) and Master of Arts Positive Psychology (NWU) and did research for her masters in a female correctional service on the topic:  “South African Female Prisoners’ Experiences of the Sycamore Tree Project with strength-based activities”.  More about this research study and the results can be read in the International Restorative Justice Journal, Volume 1, 2018.

She accepted a post at a high school as a specialist counsellor.  The hurt, rejection, uncertainty, mistrust and fears of the adolescents touched her heart.  She began to think about a project with teachings for adolescents about certain values e.g. forgiveness and with the inclusion of the above mentioned strength-based activities.  One night she woke up with the name WONDERLIG in mind.   She waited on the Lord and with the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit she compiled a group project for adolescents called WONDERLIG. 


To increase emotional intelligence among adolescents, enrich lives to have a purpose and give hope for the future, despite ANY circumstances. It must positively influence their disposition towards life so that they can make better choices and empower them for a better and happier future.

Meaning Of The Emblem

A butterfly is a symbol of life and transformation. The apparent useless and colourless pupa is captured in a cocoon until it breaks through the cocoon and sees the light. Then there is the miracle of the most beautiful bright-coloured butterfly that can fly around freely. There is only one way in which one can undergo complete transformation and be free. It is the way of self acceptance, forgiveness and total surrender to God.